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The docu-promo offers an opportunity to describe your business or idea. It tells your audience who you are and why you’re passionate about your subject. It depicts what you do through visual examples. It typically involves a formal or casual interview with the main subject and/or associates. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at elements within your chosen topic.


Tutorials offer a way to connect with your audience by sharing your talent or passion. These give your audience a chance to get to know the people who are behind the scenes. DIY Art to Wood Transfer ▸

Instagram Videos

Instagram can connect you with new viewers and existing fans in a big way. We can create a series of short instagram videos, or show snippets of a bigger video to come! Elate Be Free Instagram 1 ▸

Product Launch

Are you planning to release a new product or venture? Announce it with a video! IVÁN MEADE : A Personal Narrative in Fabrics ▸ Miiko Skin Co ▸


Capture the essence of your event, and save any memorable speeches or occurrences for years to come. Fabulous at 50 Victoria - The Martini Experience Event ▸ Introducing Cruz {Newborn

Web Videos

Incorporate video into your website design, or have an intro to your interactive website! Check out how Meade Design Group used video in their web design. Bella Boudoir Homepage - Anamorphic ▸


Interview those you collaborate with, admire- or are just plain curious about. Reflect- Elate Autumn 2015 Looks- Interview w Erin Bradley and Alex Forman ▸ 7. Country Chic Paint -


Excited about a new project that you’re working on? Show us how you do that. Elate Spring 2015 Photoshoot ▸ Elate 2015 Fall Photoshoot ▸